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Dorm Counselor

  2018-10-26     Cammack Children's Center     64 West 6th Ave Huntington  

  • Provide eyes on supervision of the residents.
  • Assist residents in developing adaptive, productive and age-appropriate behaviors.
  • Ability to teach alternative responses from a realistic view.
  • Providing structure in the residents’ lives by maintaining a daily routine which include wake-up and bed times, meal times, telephone hours, chore and laundry times, etc. which coincide with existing overall schedules of the agency.
  • Setting clear and consistent limits for the children.
  • Providing discipline in the broad sense of growth, including techniques in response to behavioral problems
  • Planning for recreational activities, gearing to individual treatment needs and development of the group.
  • Shopping with residents for appropriate clothing and other needs.
  • Participating in discussions regarding admissions to the dorm and to the preparation of the child for admission.
  • Transportation to home visits, appointments, recreational activities, school, and other events within guidelines for vehicle operation.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • General housekeeping duties include:
    • Assigning chores to residents and supervision of their performance within the general limitations of the child.
    • Participation and supervision of “cleaning” and upkeep of facilities as required


  • A Credentialed Direct care counselor is considered to be anyone who:  (1) has a high school diploma or equivalence and (2) has successfully completed initial orientation training and expectations.  Ongoing training and support meetings with the agency’s Psychologist are offered to enhance their skills and efforts. 


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