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Payroll Clerk

  2020-01-22     Prestera Center     Huntington,WV  

Must possess a firm understanding of mathematics and a basic knowledge of accounting which includes basic accounting principles, tax withholding, garnishments, applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, codes and/or statutes related to payroll.


Requires bachelor s in Accounting, Business or related field or equivalent education and one-two years experience. Payroll clerk is responsible for maintaining payroll records and overseeing the compensation of employees. Responsible for the accurate and timely processing of time records, compiling payroll statistics, maintaining payroll records and calculating payrolls.

  • Processing bi-weekly payroll by entering payroll data into payroll system
  • Comply payroll data and maintain payroll records
  • Enter payroll corrections into the payroll system
  • Resolve payroll discrepancies by analyzing payroll information
  • Prepare payroll input to computerized payroll systems
  • Ensure all employee payroll checks
  • Compiling payroll data from timesheets and other records for payroll processing
  • Terminate employees in payroll system
  • Maintain all employee payroll records
  • Maintain confidentiality of payroll data and payroll operations
  • Answer payroll questions from employees
  • Prepare payroll input data and maintain site payroll control
  • Perform payroll edits to release field timecards to payroll system
  • Respond to payroll inquiries and provide payroll breakdowns
  • Maintaining mandated employee payroll information
  • Perform other payroll related duties
  • Maintain payroll files and records and perform payroll-related clerical tasks
  • Maintain payroll & perform assigned duties to process payroll
  • Ensure accuracy in payroll processing
  • Validate and transmit payroll files with corporate payroll team

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