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Pizza Crew Member

  2020-02-13     Marco's Pizza     Huntington,WV  

Positions inside the store include:

Pizza Maker: In a recent poll customers stated the top three reasons they love Marco s is quality, great taste, and great pizza. Trained by the best, you could be slapping dough and joining the best pizza makers in the business in no time. As a pizza maker you will learn how to make and stretch fresh dough, generously sauce and cheese each pizza, and add only the best, freshest possible ingredients to your great pizzas.

Cut Table: A key position in all Marco s stores, the cut table keeps the whole pizza process moving with the crew counting on you. You ll be the one to take pizzas from the oven to the cut table, slice and box them, and make sure each order gets it s important sides and salads.

Counter: As the first impression of Marco s to walk-in and phone customers, excellent customer service delivered with a smiling attitude is key for the counter position.

Prep : Because Marco s offers only the freshest, best ingredients, we need prep employees who take pride in setting up the whole system for success. You will be trained on best practices for making fresh dough, slicing fresh, crispy veggies, and the most efficient way to stock product. Prep work sets up the store to handle the rush which is crucial.

Whether you are looking for part-time add a little money to the budget job, or to start a career, apply now and see if you and Marco s are a good match.

Thriving in fast-paced rush periods with an attitude of accountability are great qualities to have on at Marco s, whether you are interested in part-time work or a career. Apply now and find out if you and Marco s are a good match.

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